The Southern African Legal Assistance Network (SALAN)

Founded in 1994 to encourage dialogue and the sharing of information on human rights in Southern African countries. Membership of the network is limited to two non-profit organisations who work in the area of legal advice and legal assistance sector from each of the SADC countries.

The 15 member organisations bring their individual organisational strengths to the network, exchange information to enhance their understanding of the region, and embark on mutually supportive projects.

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THEME: “Restructuring SALAN towards 20 years Anniversary’’

SALAN members met in Johannesburg South Africa for three days (3rd, 4th and 5th of November, 2014) for an Annual General Meeting. The meeting was very successful and came with practical way forward.

Objectives of the Meeting

The following were the Objectives of the Meeting;

  1. To share Human Rights situation in SALAN member countries through Country Reports.
  2. To reflect SALANs 20 years, what are the Success, Challenges and the way forward.
  3. To discuss and adopt the newly drafted SALAN strategy.
  4. To empower SALAN members by on engaging Regional Bodies.

The following four were the agreed threads for SALAN to work on;

  1. Constitution Reform, Rule of Law and Law Reform
  2. Corruption
  3. Rights of Women, Children and other vulnerable groups
  4. Elections irregularities

In this meeting SALAN members also adopted a New Strategy to Advocate through regional bodies focusing on Access to Justice and Right to Life.