The Southern African Legal Assistance Network (SALAN)

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Founded in 1994 to encourage dialogue and the sharing of information on human rights in Southern African countries. Membership of the network is limited to two non-profit organisations who work in the area of legal advice and legal assistance sector from each of the SADC countries.

The 15 member organisations bring their individual organisational strengths to the network, exchange information to enhance their understanding of the region, and embark on mutually supportive projects.

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SALAN successfully held an Annual General Meeting

The 15 SALAN members had an opportunity on 30th May to 2nd June, 2013 to meet and discuss various issues in so far as the Network is concerned. They met in Johannesburg, South Africa at the Faircity Quartermain Hotel with the following objectives;

  1. To share progress of implementation of their SALANs 2013 – 2016 Strategic Plan.
  2. To share best practices in advocacy for Human Rights in SADC Region.
  3. To share progress of advocating for Paralegalism so as to access justice, and;
  4. To share progress of advocating for reinstatement of the SADC Tribunal.

The SALAN members also had an opportunity to approve new members who had applied for membership.

New members who were approved are;

  1. Transformation Resource Centre – Lesotho
  2. Zimbabwe Women Lawyers Association – ZWLA
  3. Namibia Centre for Human Rights (NAMRIGHTS)
  4. Muleide – Mozambique