About Us


The Southern African Legal Assistance Network (SALAN) was initiated in 1994. Since our inception we have provided support to our member organisations by sharing information, providing internships and exchanging skills and expertise. In this undertaking we are funded by the Friedrich Naumann Foundation.

As the sole network in Southern Africa that has a proven track record of ensuring access to justice, cultivating Human Rights and promoting a culture of good governance, we decided after a strategic planning conference held in Windhoek (1998) to embark upon a concerted regional effort to ensure that these deeply held principles are situated centrally in the reality of every Southern African society.


SALAN is a network of non-profit, non-governmental organisations in the SADC region that advocate for the rights of the poor, disadvantaged and marginalised through:

  • • providing legal services
  • • engaging in public legal education
  • • participating in law reform and policy change
  • • undertaking public interest litigation

Mission Statement

To strengthen individual members in their national arenas, and to increase the network’s capacity to contribute to regional issues towards development of a culture of respect for human rights and the rule of law.

Our Vision

An active network which influences changes in the legal and human rights policy and practice towards a Southern Africa where justice for all becomes a reality

Our Values

  • • Non-discrimination
  • • Non-profit
  • • Non-partisan
  • • Non-hierarchical
  • • Solidarity / support for each other
  • • Commitment to human rights, constitutionalism and the rule of law
  • • Transparency and openness
  • • Tolerance
  • • Respect for each others’ views
  • • Equality amongst members
  • • Commitment to amicable resolution of internal disputes

Our Objectives

  • • To address public interest issues through legal means
  • • To promote and protect human rights
  • • To advocate for law reform and policy change
  • • To facilitate information sharing
  • • To facilitate capacity building within the network
  • • To foster collaboration on projects