Legal & Human Rights Centre – Tanzania

Page “The legal process, can it save girls from FGM?
In 2003 LHRC prosecuted a father for having carried out FGM to his three daughters. In connection with the court case the Centre conducted several programs in the region to sensitize the public, the police and media personnel. All of this work has now been compiled into a report documenting the three years of fighting FGM through this case. Price: 2.000 tzsh

Page Facilitation skills for gender and poverty projects: Training guidelines
This manual is prepared to help facilitators and to show how to organise poverty projects dealing with women’s right to land. The manual covers the definitions of various terminologies such as what is facilitation, who is a facilitator, reasons for facilitation, place and time of facilitation, methodologies of participation and many other helpful things. Price: 2.000 tzsh

Page FGM, “A human rights abuse veiled with customs and traditions”. A report on the research into the practice of female genital mutilation in Tanzania
This report analyses the causes of practice of FGM in eight regions of Tanzania. It shows and discussed the motivation on factors behind FGM and reveals the physical and physiological consequences of FGM. The report also indicates possible solutions to stop the practice of FGM in Tanzania. Price: 2.000 tzsh

Page Human Rights Training for OCDs, 2003
This is a report on the human rights training for Officers Commanding District (OCD), 2003. It covers various law enforcement requirements for the OCDs that will guide them in the importance of observing human rights at their daily undertakings. Price: 500 tzsh

Page Human rights trainings for police, Tanzania: Trainer’s Manual
This manual is a guidance tool for human rights trainers for law enforcers. The law enforcers targeted here are the police officers. As a practical tool for the trainers, the manual takes into account the field realities besetting policing in Tanzania and the legal system. Published in 2001 in both an English and a Swahili version. Price: 2.500 tzsh

Page LHRC Annual Report 2002, “Building a human rights culture”
The report points out outputs achieved and challenges faced in 2002 with a focus on the issue of how for LHRC to manage the challenge of building a human rights culture in Tanzania’s society. Price: Free

Page LHRC Annual Report 2003, “Moving with a human rights agenda”
The report points out the achievements and challenges the LHRC faced in 2003. It describes the outcome of each department of the Centre and highlights some of the major human rights events during the year. Price: Free

Page Self help kits for the Legal Aid Clinics
Through the past years LHRC has published a number of Self Help Kits on various themes to be used at the legal aid clinics. These are small pocketbooks on issues like civil procedure, procedures to follow to institute a civil case in court, rights and duties of the landlord and tenant, defamation, criminal cases, preparing a will and tort cases. The self-help kits are mainly distributed at our three legal aid clinics and are sold by the price of 200 tzsh each.

Page Taarifa ya Haki za Binadamu Tanzania 2002
The Tanzania Human Rights Report 2002 in Kiswahili Price: 2.000 tzsh

Page Tanzania Human Rights Conference Report 2002
In December 2002 LHRC organized the first annual human rights conference in cooperation with eight other organizations. This report includes all speeches, debate, presentations, conclusion and photos from the event, “Human Rights Challenges in Tanzania”. Price: 2.000 tzsh

Page Tanzania Human Rights Report 2002
The report exposes the human rights situation in Tanzania from January to December 2002. It is a composition of human rights abuses as well as an exposition of the legal environment such as the state of the laws and policies. Price: 2.000 tzsh

Page Tanzania Human Rights Report 2003
The Tanzania Human Rights Report 2003 highlights the human rights situation in the country during 2003. In the report we address the problems of mob violence, extra-judicial killings by law enforcement officials and the abuse of power and brutality by state officials. The report examines the status of human rights with respect to vulnerable groups of persons and it discusses the impact of corruption on human rights and Tanzania’s compliance with international treaty obligations. Price: 2.000 tzsh

Page The State of Juvenile Justice in Tanzania
A fact-finding report on the actual situation regarding the administration of the Juvenile system in Tanzania with the view of identifying possible entry points for influencing law, policy and practical reform from a multidimensional approach. Price: 2.000 tzsh

Page Wildlife Protection Study
This report covers an independent investigation on the occurrence of the Serengeti killings, alleged extra-judicial killings which occurred in October 2000 aiming at gathering information and credible evidence of the killings alleged to have taken place in Serengeti National Park and other related human and environmental rights violations. Price: 2.000 tzsh